HFOS Launcher


Bootstrap basics, assemble graph and hand over control to the Core component

hfos_launcher [OPTIONS]


-p, --port <port>

Define port for server

--host <host>

Define hostname for server

-c, --cert, --certificate <cert>

Certificate file path

--dbhost <dbhost>

Define hostname for database server

--dbname <dbname>

Define name of database (default: hfos)


Enable profiler


Launch webbrowser for GUI inspection after startup


Draw a snapshot of the component graph after construction

-q, --quiet

Suppress console output

--log <log>

Define console log level (0-100)

--logfileverbosity <logfileverbosity>

Define file log level (0-100)

--logfilepath <logfilepath>

Logfile path


Write to logfile


Log to in memory structure as well


Run circuits debugger


Run development server

--instance <instance>

Define name of instance


Keep privileges - INSECURE


Only assemble system, do not run

-b, --blacklist <blacklist>

Blacklist a component